Methods and place of delivery

Purchased items will be sent to the delivery address indicated by the client during the order process. MFTrain delivers within Spain mainland and Balearic Islands. Clients must provide a delivery address where the order can be delivered within standard working hours.

The price set for product handling and dispatch is variable and it depends on the order characteristics and destination. This price will be a one-off, regardless of number of parcels needed. This cost must not be interpreted by the client as a higher price of the purchased items. Clients can check delivery costs per order through their shopping trolley before order confirmation and payment.

The courier agency will be Nacex or any other that MFTrain considers appropriate.

Time for delivery

Once an order is placed, the maximum delivery time will be 4-5 working days for the delivery within Spain Mainland and 6-7 working days for Balearic Islands. If delivery can be expected to take longer (for instance when the purchased items are out of stock), MFTrain will communicate this to clients through e-mail provided by the client. In this case clients can, if they wish, cancel the order unless items have already been dispatched.

Every delivery is considered effective when the courier agency makes the items available to the client in the address specified for the order and registered in the books of the courier agency.

Precautions to bear in mind during delivery

Is the recipient's responsibility to check the delivered items and express relevant observations and claims. Recipients can reject the delivery if this shows evidence of opening or deterioration.

Observations and claims have to be aimed at the courier agency in the moment of delivery. Additionally, if the delivered items do not adjust to the nature and quality specified on the delivery note, the client must make a complaint to MFTrain within the following 24 hours, otherwise the complaint period will expire.

In case of delay, breakage or incomplete order, clients should contact our Client Services as soon as possible through e-mail at and items will be replaced. Previously clients must return the faulty items for inspection.

National deliveries (off mainland) and international deliveries

For national deliveries off mainland (Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla), as well as for international deliveries, clients can request information about delivery costs though e-mail at

Returns and refunds

According to the Spanish Trading Standars Act all purchased products can be returned during the 7 working days following the delivery.

MFTrain establishes the following returns policy.

Clients will have 7 working days, counting from the day of delivery, to communicate MFTrain via e-mail at their intention to return the purchased items. The e-mail subject will read the word "Return" followed by the order number. On the body of the message the client will specify the reference numbers and names of the returned items, as they appear on the website, and the reason for refund.

Upon reception of this e-mail, MFTrain will proceed, also by e-mail, to provide the client with a return number. From this moment, the client has a 5-day period to deliver the items to the address provided by MFTrain, which is Pol. Ind. La Estrella. Calle Vía Láctea, 6. 30500 Molina de Segura - Murcia (Spain). Items must be delivered in the following conditions:

MFTrain can reject any returns that do not meet the 5 conditions specified above.

Clients will be accountable for the expenses and risks associated to the return. Clients must send items in a safe way, guaranteeing the integrity of the items.

The refund in the client's account will be effectuated within the shortest possible period, as soon as MFTrain gets hold of the items. The refund value will be equivalent to the purchase price of the item (excluding delivery costs).


MFTrain acts as a distributor for manufacturers or wholesalers, in the terms legally established, for a 2-year period counted from delivery date. During this time MFTrain will be accountable for the lack of conformity expressed by clients for the 2-month period following its acknowledgment.

Additionally, MFTrain guarantee that all products sold though the website are supported by their commercial firms, offer maximum quality, work correctly and do not present faults or hidden defects that could make them dangerous or inappropriate for normal use.

The offered contractual guarantee is specified by the supplier or manufacturer, according to the Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007, issued on the 16th of November, in which the Law for General Protection of Consumers and Users is approved.

In case of faulty product, MFTrain will proceed to the reparation, substitution or discount of the price and cancelation of contract. This procedure will be free of charge for consumers and users.

The guarantee does not include the faults due to malpractice, blows, bad use, inappropriate tension, electric accidents, when installation and/or utilisation is not by Authorised Technical Service when this is required, or normal wear out due to use. Items repaired by the client or any other person non authorised by manufacturer or supplier are also excluded from the guarantee. The guarantee in not applicable to evident vices and when faults were not claimed in the moment of purchase (during the 7-day period following delivery).

The guarantee will be withdrawn: a) if its details or those from the purchase receipt are amended, altered or replaced; b) if either the product or its identification number are manipulated or repaired without the consent of the Authorised Technical Service or the guarantee provider; c) if delivery note or purchase receipt cannot be supplied.

In order to use the guarantee is essential to preserve the guarantee certificate, together with the purchase receipt or delivery note provided by MFTrain.

Once the client is in possession of the product, he or she will be provided with sufficient operating instructions for the adequate use, assembly and installation and all information regarding guarantee.

No client can request a wider guarantee to the one indicated. The client can use the guarantee effectively according to current regulation.

In case of hesitation, clients can contact MFTrain through the online form provided in the Contact section of the website or through e-mail at in order to obtain help on procedures and information required for the presentation of claims.

Payment methods

The following payment methods are allowed:

1) Bank transfer

In this case the order will not be dispatched until payment reception is confirmed (it normally takes 48 hours since issue. If in a period of 72 hours after the order has been placed MFTrain does not have evidence of bank transfer, MFTrain will contact us in order to resolve the incidence. As soon as MFTrain has proof of deposit it will proceed to dispatch the order.

The necessary details to make the transfer are indicated when this payment method is chosen. The subject for the transfer can be, indistinctively, order number or client name.

In order to speed up the process, clients can send proof of transfer at

2) Paypal

The order will be dispatched as soon as MFTrain receives confirmation email of Paypal payment.